Thursday, March 7, 2013

Such a Brat!

I am not the world's best little girl, I will freely admit it. I'm a brat. On the scale of minx to hellion, I'm somewhere in the mischievous pixie range. I think Daddy USUALLY enjoys that about me. From wrestling to (some) talking back to teasing, I can be a handful. Since Daddy has been gone though, I'm pushing the limits a lot more. Both my big & my little miss Him, but I think my little has a bit of that "teenager left alone overnight for the first time" thing going on. I haven't thrown any wild parties yet though...Of course, that's not to say I won't!

I think there's often a negative perception of brats, that we top from the bottom, that we are irritating, difficult, etc. That we're not really "subs" if we are brats. I think it takes a special kind of Dom to handle a brat--but when we find the right fit, we're worth it! My favorite "definition" for bratting is "creative disobedience". It's free entertainment for Daddy, right? Wouldn't want things to get too boring.

That being said... Hey Daddy! Lookie here!

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