Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Damn right, I'm a princess!

So, like... took the kids for haircuts today, and ended up going too late to really go home and cook. I won't eat McDonald's anymore--gave it up last week, but hey, it counts!--so I got them happy meals and I'm going to forage once they go to bed. However, I was delighted to find a tiara in the baby's happy meal. Yay! She's not going to miss it, right? *grins*

Damn right, I'm a motherfucking princess!

Also, I'm all a-squee over my new socks. I love socks. I feel especially girly in knee- and thigh-highs. When you're over say...12 years old, they get harder to find, though still possible. When you're over a SIZE 12, it gets nigh impossible. I found the awesomest, most superfantabulous store the other day and ordered some new socks. I meant to just order 2 pairs, but there was a glitch with the cart and well, I now have FOUR pairs hehe. I took pictures of 3 before I got interrupted in my glee to go be a grownup.


  1. Another place you could blog- if you want to do a more picture orientated blog- would be tumblr. Just a thought. They also allow adult content.

  2. I tried to get on there--it's not pretty :( Or at least I couldn't figure out HOW to make it pretty.