Monday, March 11, 2013

Dr. Who, New Ink and Skinned Knees

So.. I'm missing Daddy lots and I've been dying for a new tattoo, so I spoiled myself Saturday night. I had a sitter for something that I ended up not being up to attending (was really not ready to handle the "happy couple" thing), so I went out on a date..with myself! I grabbed a caramel macchiato at Starbucks. Upside down, extra caramel--it comes out far sweeter *grins* Then I went and got a pedicure. Pretty pink toes! After that, I decided to go to the mall. Our mall has a tattoo parlor (crazy, huh?) and a friend of mine has gotten a lot of ink done there and her tattoos are gorgeous, so I got over my initial reservations and went to check it out.

There was a 40 minute wait at the parlor, so I wandered around and found Dr. Who shirts, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off. Now, I love Dr. Who. Like LOVE. While the shirts I found didn't have MY Doctor on them, they are still awesome. MY Doctor, btw, is David Tennant. I would pounce on that man. I would lick him head to toe like a lollipop. He's just that yummy.

Daddy is a brony and especially loves Rainbow Dash. It's not obvious at all that *I* like My Little Pony, is it? Hehe. So... I got Rainbow Dash's cutie mark behind my right ear. Daddy & I both agree that it's a bad idea to get names tattooed on your body unless they are your kids' names, so I wanted something to symbolize Him and also that I would still like, no matter what. I think I startled the tattoo artist some. I fell asleep during the tattoo. What did he think would happen? Comfy massage table, something semi-soft under my head (a roll of paper towels, get that mind out of the gutter!) and that low level of pain or discomfort that can be so relaxing. I also had to get my hair out of the way & found out I can put it up in these little "almost pigtails", which thrilled me!

Then the not-so-fun. I'm a clutz & most people who know me realize this. I was leaving a friend's house & managed to trip & land hard on both knees. I was holding the baby & thought she had hit her head but turns out she was fine, not even a bruise or a goose egg. My knees, on the other hand...I haven't had skinned knees since I was actually little. one thing about childhood that I do NOT miss. Definitely not the good kind of pain. Ouch. I wish Daddy was here to kiss them better.

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