Monday, March 18, 2013

Trying to be a littler little...

So...I've said that I'm a little, but what I haven't said is that I'm also trying to BECOME little...well, littler in size at least. I had gained a lot of weight with my last baby and I'm sort of working on having the outside finally matching the inside. As an aside, a tummy tuck--which is also needed to repair my abdominal muscles--and a breast reduction would do a lot towards that aim as well! Ah well. I'm very lucky because I have a Daddy who loves me and thinks I'm perfect even when I'm bigger, but it also means that He is not the best at encouraging me in my weight loss journey lol. He doesn't want me to feel pushed, so He doesn't say much with regard to it, and He definitely doesn't kick my ass and make me go workout, so I have to do that myself. I'm not always successful.

However, what is the best way to encourage a little girl to do something that she SHOULD do but doesn't want to? Rewards! (And my first thought was STICKERS--so I am SO making myself a sticker chart, omgz!) For hitting 190 pounds, my reward was new bras, and 1 matching bra and panty set, yay!

Daddy also says there needs to be more naughty pictures, so I am working on that one next...

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  1. ~grins~ Mmm.

    You know there are kickstarter programs for things like that too- any little bit could help.